About Us

Medical Research Collaborative, LLC ("MRC") leverages knowledge from various fields of scientific endeavor, including foreign and domestic (US) patent law, medical science and regulatory science, to curate comprehensive analytical reports on companies in the healthcare sector, with key focus on pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry players. Such synergistic know-how concentrated on targeted healthcare plays yields a uniquely diverse, high-level analysis that can assist in the ultimate decision to buy, hold, avoid, or sell short the stock of companies within our purview, as well as inform on the merits/drawbacks of targeted partnerships and M&A. 

Our commitment is to provide par excellence multi-disciplinary research reports on individual healthcare companies with strong utility. To help ensure this, we further expose our analysis to independent experts without any perceived conflicts of interest as part of our vetting/review process. The final results are then disseminated to Data Partners, provided by contract as Bespoke Reports, or, on occasion, publicly offered for sale or free download.

Examples of the depth and quality of our analysis may be found in our citizen petition responding to Amarin Corp.'s attempt at making the marketing of high-purity omega-3 supplements illegal in the USlocated here; our greater AMRN research report, located here, with executive summary available here; and our open-access research report on CEL-SCI Corp., located here.