Data Partner

Medical Research Collaborative, LLC ("MRC") is proud to offer the following Data Partner service. Data Partners will benefit from exclusive access to MRC's analytics, including comprehensive research reports on targeted biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies identified as possessing outsized return-for-the-risk value. Both long- and short-plays are covered, with a bias towards long-plays as predominant. However, before identifying a play as possessing intrinsic upside value, MRC probes its prospects aggressively, seeking to refute its bullish thesis, first. After highly critical assessment, and only if the target company has passed all tests, do we then consider it well-vetted and investible, with the potential upside price targets of its stock as reliable or possibly even understated.

Our goal is to locate and extract value in the healthcare sector wherever we may find it. And in another sense, a bearish report can also save a firm significant AUM by identifying risks it may not have considered in a given equity, and possibly gone long its stock otherwise. "A penny saved is a penny earned"and nowhere is that more true than in the world of investing, where every dollar saved is another that may be used to obtain ROI. 

MRC's valuation model identifies high "expected value" (EV) opportunities. EV may be derived by calculating the upside and downside potential of a given stock, and then using the odds of either occurring as a determinant of positive or negative value. The EV is expressed as a percentage, which over many runs will equate with the ROI. Entering high-EV trades/investments will result in significant ROI over the medium-to-long termbut it is imperative that the odds of either outcome and the upside/downside potential is ascertained as accurately as possible. That is what separates market outperformance from underperformance, and what makes MRC's informatics ultimately valuable.

For an example of a real-time EV scenario, please click here

As part of our commitment to Data Partners, MRC provides updates and analyses related to all target companies covered, as well as any ensuing activism on an ongoing basis. This includes the following:

  • Consultation on the content of any/all MRC reports, as time permits* 
  • Derivations of appropriate position-sizing based on risk:reward assessments
  • Patent litigation developments (PACER), and our analysis of the same
  • Detailed analyses of new clinical trial results/acquired assets
  • Notification of upcoming catalysts, especially as they draw near, with price targets ascribed to various outcomes
  • Positive and negative developments involving direct competitors
  • Planned/ongoing regulatory submissions of target companies
  • Analysis of briefing documents, should there be an AdCom, and our odds of +/- vote
  • Analysis of all SEC filings as they occur, with any deviations to prior filings identified and elaborated upon
  • Any citizen petitions filed by MRC before they are submitted
  • Early access to all research reports slotted for public dissemination
  • Any and all complaints filed with SEC/FTC/FDA/DOJ, as well as divulging of ongoing email dialogue
  • Macro analysis on the overall healthcare sector, including potential headwinds and tailwinds, as well as technical indicators in IBB and XBI
  • The occasional identification of high risk/reward trade scenarios
  • Quick but thorough analysis of healthcare plays that have recently experienced a binary event, but are cycling through extreme divergent trading volume and unable to break-out further. Notable examples being CPXX at $7, AMRN at $9, AGRX at $1.20, RETA at $140, FTSV at $29.80, and KRTX at $30. 

*Add-on consultation package(s) may be selected at checkout, whereby MRC provides email consultation of up to 1,000 words/month per package (non-cumulative). Without selecting this package, we may or may not be able to respond in-depth.

Please note that prior research reports are not available to newer Data Partners, so as to maintain fairness to those that have previously subscribed. Although our Customized Analysis packages could be put towards this use. 

For publicly divulged, time-stamped, summarized examples of our analyses, please click here(1), here(2), here(3), and here(4).

At this time, there are two well-vetted, highly competent and experienced healthcare analysts working with MRC, not including the CEO/President of MRC, who also performs the role of full-time analyst as well as manager.

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