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As stated in the "Reports" section, we utilize LockLizard's encryption technology with all research reports available on this website. It enables us to protect our reports from unauthorized use, including copying/pasting, downloading/sharing, printing, or accessing the report(s) from unauthorized IP addresses. 

If you purchase the Single User License, you will need to install LockLizard's Secure PDF Viewer software on your PC/device first. This software will allow you to view the report, which has been converted from a PDF to a PDC file. You will also be required to disable your PC/device's screen-capture application(s). For more information, please see:


If you purchase the Multiple User License or Global Site License, you will not need to install software or disable any applications to access the selected report, as we use LockLizard's Web Publisher for these licenses, which allows authorized users to access the report via the Web Viewer (available online). For more information on Web Viewer, please see:


The Single User License allows the downloading of a report to a single device (tablet, laptop, etc.). It requires the installation of LockLizard's Secure PDF Viewer software to that device first. Then you must also close any screen capture application(s) running in the background (please see the FAQ entitled "How do I close my screen capture application" to see how). Finally, you may open the PDC file containing the report on that device only.

The Multiple User License allows multiple persons/devices (no actual limit) to access the selected report--even simultaneously--but restricted to a single IP address. This IP address is the one that you used when registering on our site (it was automatically detected and ascribed to your account). 

The Global Site License allows multiple persons/devices to access the selected report simultaneously from up to 5 different IP addresses, including your own (the other 4 specific IP addresses must be submitted to us to authorize use; you will be sent an email requesting these IP addresses and instructions on how to discover them following your purchase). The Global Site License also entitles you to receive up to ten printed, spiral-bound copies of the report, mailed with expedited shipping to the address of your choice (per request).  

Neither the Multiple User License nor the Global Site License require installations or disabling applications of any kind; you and those whom you authorize simply access the report from the Web Viewer online by entering the codes we give you at the URL instructed (full and comprehensive instructions with links are emailed along with your purchase).

If you encountered an error message while trying to access one of our reports through Web Viewer, please see the following on how to resolve the issue:


If you are still having difficulties, please contact us directly.

If you purchase either the Multiple User License or Global Site License, then your computer/device must be connected to the Internet to access the selected report(s), as you must be able to sign in to the Web Viewer online to access them. The amount of data sent and received is small.

If you purchase the Single User License, then you will need Internet access to install the Secure PDF Viewer software, and thereafter download the report via the Secure PDF Viewer. But once the report is downloaded to that device, you will not need Internet access to retrieve it (much like a Word document).

When you purchase a license to access a research report from us, you will automatically receive an email notification telling you how to access the content. If you have not received this email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. 

If you are still having difficulties, please contact us directly.

Upgrading a license from Single User to Multiple User or Global Site is allowed, as is an upgrade from Multiple User License to Global Site License. If you would like an upgrade, please Contact Us with the request and we will issue an Invoice to your email address on file with a balance due. After payment is received, we will upgrade your license.

Copying and pasting of text from our research reports is prohibited. Only customized research reports can be copied & pasted, etc. However, all links within our reports, including within the reference section, leading to outside papers and sources, are functional.

If you purchased the Multiple User License, then anyone that uses the login details that we give you can access the selected report(s) online from any device, so long as they do so from the same IP address that we have on file for your account. If you would like to grant access to a certain report to persons from different IP addresses, then you must purchase the Global Site License for that report. This will enable 4 additional IP addresses (besides your own) to have access. The Global Site License also entitles you to receive up to ten printed, spiral-bound copies of the report, mailed with expedited shipping to the address of your choice (per request)

The Single User License differs from the other two license types mentioned above, in that it essentially locks one copy of a purchased report onto one device, and cannot be accessed any other way thereafter. 

Please see the FAQ entitled "What is the difference between the Single User License, Multiple User License, and Global Site License?" for more information.

Printing of our publicly sold research reports is not authorized with purchase. Only customized reports may be printed and shared as you like. However, if you purchase a Global Site License, you are entitled to receive up to ten printed, spiral-bound copies of the report, mailed with expedited shipping to the address of your choice (per request).

Please be advised that the re-copying of print-outs, as well as allowing access to them beyond yourself and/or the members of your firm, except for consultants that have signed non-disclosure agreements that include the content of our report(s), is against our Terms of Use, which you must agree to by checking the applicable box at the time of purchase.

After you purchase a Single User License for the first time, you will receive an email with the subject "Viewing LockLizard Protected PDF Files." The email contains instructions on how to install LockLizard's Secure PDF Viewer and register your license.  You must have Administrator rights on the computer/device being used to install the Secure PDF Viewer software, and you will need to be online to do the registration. Once you successfully complete those two tasks, you will be able to open the PDC file to access the report. However, the PDC file can only be opened and viewed on the one device it is stored on.

You will most likely also be prompted to "close your screen capture application."  Please see our FAQ entitled "How do I close my screen capture application?" to learn how.

When viewing protected files (PDC files) via LockLizard's Secure PDF Viewer, you cannot take screenshots. The following error message will appear if you have a screen-capture application open (which is common) when you try to view a PDC file:

"Please close your screen capture application and press OK to continue."

LockLizard will also specify the name of the application causing the problem in parentheses after its error message. You will need to close this application to view your files (and there may be more than one application open, so you may have to repeat the process). Here are the steps to do so: 

  1. Press ctrl+alt+delete on your keyboard. This will bring up a menu. Select "Task manager" (or "Start task manager") from the menu.
  2. In the task manager window, navigate to the Processes tab. You may need to click "More details" at the bottom of the window in order for this to show.
  3. Click the "Name" or "Image Name" bar. This will sort that list of processes you see alphabetically by their name. Also, if you see a button or checkbox at the bottom of the window that says "Show processes from all users," select it.
  4. Scroll through the list of processes and find any entry with the name specified by LockLizard in the error message it gave you (i.e. "onenotem.exe," "uArcCapture.exe," or something similar).
  5. Select each of those processes and then click the "End Process" or "End task" button for each of them.

Once you've closed all of those processes, you should be able to access your PDC files in LockLizard's Secure PDF Viewer. 

If you have submitted a payment and we have granted access to one of our reports, then unfortunately we cannot cancel an order, nor provide a refund, as the product itself, which is the content of one of our reports, shall be considered to have been "used" by you or your firm.

We may be contacted directly with any questions that you have and will respond promptly.

Currently (as of June 20, 2019) there are two executive members of Medical Research Collaborative, LLC ("MRC"). Neither of these executive members have a medical degree, a PhD, a degree in regulatory science, or a law degree. MRC is a start-up company that is in a state of flux. At any given point in time, there may be multiple members (executive and non-executive) of MRC that have attained the aforementioned degrees, or there may be no members that have attained the aforementioned degrees. It is the intention of MRC to evolve into a research company that has a variety of experts that have earned the aforementioned, established degrees on its staff that serve as members involved in the research of healthcare companies. 

The piece, entitled "Identification and Analysis of Amarin Corp.'s Harbingers of Bankruptcy," was wholly constructed by Steven Giardino, the President & CEO of MRC. This piece was professionally proof-read and also reviewed for accuracy/edit suggestions by multiple persons with science backgrounds, one of whom has an advanced medical degree. The final version was/is offered for sale on this website. Although Steven Giardino has self-proclaimed expertise in various pharmaceutical science topics, in regulatory science, and in patent law, he has not earned any of the aforementioned established degrees. 

The goal of MRC is to make the research that we produce the focus; we do not believe knowledge of the writer(s) of a work is an appropriate lens through which to judge the work itself, and may bias the reader ("appeal to authority fallacy"). In our view, the work should stand or fall based on its own merits. Furthermore, the subject matter entailing our focus can at times be controversial, and the publication of reports on such result in the provocation of ad hominem attacks from investors in the companies we report on, distracting from the content of the work itself. Also, a truly zealous antagonist that misconstrues he has been harmed by our reports could in some instances jeopardize the careers of prospective/current members of MRC by harassing the establishments at which they are employed (not to mention their family members). For these reasons it is company policy that the identities of the members of MRC, except Steven Giardino, remain anonymous. If another member is named, that name is likely to be a pen name.