At Medical Research Collaborative, the brunt of our time will be spent researching, debating, vetting, writing, editing, and then ultimately disseminating reports to our Data Partners, while continuously monitoring/updating our partners on the target companies covered, with any internal resources available thereafter allocated to the procurement of customized reports. Customized Reports are compiled by request and under contract with interested parties, and become the co-ownership of such parties. They may copy, share, print, and disseminate these reports at will. Although MRC shall retain the right to also disseminate these reports to our Data Partners. However, certain of our reports will also find their way into this section and become available for public purchase. 


Client confidentiality is important to us; your identity and/or the identity of the firm you represent is kept confidential, and such information only accessible to executive management. Please see our Privacy Notice for more information.

Refund Policy

As the content of our research contained within each report is considered proprietary information, and the viewing of a report containing our research equivalent to using that report, we do not issue refunds; therefore, all sales are final.

Terms of Use

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For more information, please see our FAQ section. We may also be contacted directly to answer any questions or to assist you with the process.


The information contained in any and all research reports written, edited, and/or assembled by Medical Research Collaborative, LLC does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or medical advice, and is for informational purposes only. In addition, we do not warrant or guarantee the success of any investment decision you make for yourself or on behalf of your firm in reliance upon the content of our research; we recommend securing the services of a registered investment advisor (which we are not) and performing your own independent investigations before acting on information that we publish.

AMRN: Market Headwinds and Inherent Weakness of the Vascepa IP

AMRN: Market Headwinds and Inherent Weakness of the Vascepa IP

*For the following report: we will send a PDF file containing the report to the email address you us..


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