Customized Reports are compiled by request and under contract with interested parties, and become the ownership of such parties. They may copy, share, print, and disseminate these reports at will. The brunt of our time will likely be spent researching, editing, debating amongst ourselves, vetting, and then ultimately procuring such reports. Should there be any internal resources available thereafter to assemble non-customized reports, they will be offered for sale as proprietary items in this section.

We utilize the LockLizard encryption technology with our publicly available research reports. There are different license types that allow access to a publicly available Medical Research Collaborative report. These are as follows:

Single User License

This license allows the downloading of one copy of a report to a single device (tablet, laptop, etc.). With this license type, you will be required to install LockLizard's PDF Viewer software on your device before the report may be accessed. You will also be required to disable screen-capture applications running in the background. Instructions are automatically sent to your registered email after purchase.

Multiple User License

This license allows one or more persons to have simultaneous access to the selected report from LockLizard's Web Viewer platform online. You (and those whom you authorize) will not need to install software or download any document directly to your PC/device, nor disable any applications. The "Multiple User License" is, however, restricted to a single IP address, which corresponds to that used by you when registering on our site.

Global Site License

The "Global Site License" is identical to the "Multiple User License" above, but allows access to up to 5 different IP addresses (including the one used to register). After purchasing this license, you will be sent an automated email requesting 4 additional IP addresses to be granted access to the report(s). The Global Site License also entitles you to receive up to ten printed, spiral-bound copies of the report, mailed with UPS Worldwide Express Shipping to up to ten different addresses of your choice (per request).  

Complete and comprehensive instructions with links, user-specific logon details, and downloads (where applicable) are automatically emailed along with the purchase of any of the above license types.


Upgrading a license from Single User to Multiple User or Global Site is possible, as is an upgrade from Multiple User License to Global Site License. If you would like an upgrade, please Contact Us with the request and we will issue an invoice to your email address on file with a balance due. Once payment is received, we will upgrade your license.


Client confidentiality is important to us; your identity and/or the identity of the firm you represent is kept confidential, and such information only accessible to executive management. Please see our Privacy Notice for more information.

Refund Policy

As the content of our research contained within each report is considered private information, and the viewing of a report containing our research equivalent to using that report, we do not issue refunds; therefore, all sales are final.

Please be Advised

The re-copying of print-outs, as well as allowing access to them or any of our published content beyond yourself or the members of your firm, except for consultants advisory to you or your firm, is against our Terms of Use, which you must agree to by checking the applicable box at the time of purchase. Please take a moment and review these Terms to be sure that you or your firm are in agreement with them.

For more information, including on LockLizard or how to resolve any issues, please see our FAQ section. And at any time, we may be contacted directly to answer any questions or assist you with the process.



The information contained in any and all research reports written, edited, and/or assembled by Medical Research Collaborative, LLC does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or medical advice, and is for informational purposes only. In addition, we do not warrant or guarantee the success of any investment decision you make for yourself or on behalf of your firm in reliance upon the content of our research; we recommend securing the services of a registered investment advisor (which we are not) and performing your own independent investigations before acting on information that we publish.

Identification and Analysis of Amarin Corp.'s Harbingers of Bankruptcy

Identification and Analysis of Amarin Corp.'s Harbingers of Bankruptcy

*For the following report, we have disabled the LockLizard protected document feature, and will inst..


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